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for Adoption

We do what we do because people like you make it worthwhile and remind us that our country does care. - MSgt Scott

Joining a Soldiers' Angels Team

Soldiers' Angels Teams work to meet the needs of military personnel and their families far beyond care package and letters. Tens of thousands of Angel volunteers staff over 30 public and hidden teams that do everything from supporting families on the homefront to comforting the wounded and their loved ones.  Anyone may join a team (most teams do not require you to adopt a soldier, but you can always adopt in the future).

  1. Choose a team:  Each team has a unique mission and purpose. You can find a list of current teams in the sidebar menu. If you are already an Angel, you may join as many teams as you like.  If new, start with just one until you've gone through the approval process.

  2. Sign Up:  To join Soldiers' Angels and participate in a team click here to get started!  After you have been approved, log in to and select a team.  If you are already an Angel, you can select your teams through right now.

  3. Get Started: The team automatically receives your signup request. Each team has a leader who manages the team and approves new members. You can expect to be contacted by your Team Leader by email soon after your request.  If you are not contacted within a few days, use the Live Help Online option at

We appreciate your desire to support our troops and thank you for wishing to use your talents to help our teams fulfill their missions!