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Blankets Of Hope


When his parents arrived, the first thing he showed them was his Purple Heart.  The second was his Blanket of Hope from Soldiers' Angels!!! I cannot tell you the emotional thank you we received from this young soldier's mother!! Truly grateful for the Angels, I am!!! Way to go!! - Michel

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What We Do

The Blankets of Hope team creates unique, handmade blankets to send hope, support and gratitude to America's wounded and veterans.  Used on hospital beds, wheelchairs, and transport litters on medevac flights, Blankets of Hope bring the message that each servicemember is loved and not forgotten.  They are included in our First Response Backpacks and Vet Packs sent to Combat Support Hospitals in the war zones, major medical facilities in Germany and around the world, and selected military hospitals and veterans centers here at home.

"The blankets made by the Angels are a huge hit, the Wounded Warriors wrap themselves in them to keep warm and dream of home.  Thank you so much for your support!!!!! Hooah!!!!"

Why it Matters

Wounded soldiers are quickly evacuated from the battlefield, leaving behind their clothing, personal equipment, and their brothers in arms. During this time of pain and upheaval, the Blanket of Hope provides warmth and comfort for the wounded soldier.  Most importantly, it shows the soldier that someone cares about him and is thinking and praying for him at that very moment. This is very powerful for a wounded hero... the knowledge that someone cares. We are very proud of this project and what it has done for those brave wounded heroes.

Over the years, Soldiers’ Angels has been flooded with stories from the wounded and their families about how much a Blanket of Hope has meant to them.  For many, it becomes a cherished treasure; some even ask VIPs to sign their blanket when they visit them in the hospital! 

My husband was one of the many wounded in Iraq...He was hurt and was given one of your "miracle" blankets for comfort and warmth. He told me later when he got home that the warmth from that blanket and the thoughts of his family are things that got him through. We will never forget the comfort you brought my husband. Your blanket now hangs in a special spot, always. Thank you will never say enough. Sincerely, wife of a soldier

How You Can Help

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In 2006, I was injured by a roadside bomb in Iraq. While waiting for a medevac flight to Walter Reed, one of the first things I was given was a handmade blanket decorated with red, white and blue with yellow ribbons. It was a godsend while waiting in that chilly room...the memory of your support will live forever. It was providence I didn't die that day. I was truly being watched over by Angels. - SFC M.

I wanted to take a moment to thank you and your organization. I was recently deployed to Afghanistan with my squadron (Air Force) and became ill and had to be MEDIVAC'd to Germany. Just before I boarded the plane I was given a blanket made by Soldier's Angels. The blanket made my day, it was so comfy and provided me a little piece of home during my flight and stay in the hospital. I know your organization does so much for me, my brothers and sisters, and thank you isn't enough. - Tech Sergeant Danielle

I bought two of the Blanket of Hope kits, the ones where the blanket is already sewn and has a white fabric panel in the middle you can write on. My grand daughter, who is 4, and I did the Navy blue one. My 28-year-old daughter did the red one. We had a BLAST!!! We used stencils, sharpie pens and fabric pens.




Contact Us

If you would like to join our Blankets of Hope Team, or you know someone who could use a Blanket of Hope, please send an e-mail to  If you have questions about making a blanket, please email our Team Leader, Dee Jerge.

I recently joined the Blankets of Hope team and am very proud to have completed my first blanket (crocheted large lap blanket). I thought I'd send along a photo. I'll be sending this blanket by the end of the week.  Thank you so much for seeing that it gets to a soldier who needs it :-)


The Impact

I am an ICU nurse at the 10th Combat Support Hospital [in Iraq] and I just wanted to thank Soldiers' Angels for the wonderful blankets!  This is a great program and I know it takes a lot of work to make all of the blankets, but they are truly appreciated. We make sure all of our patients leave the ICU for Germany wrapped up in one of these special blankets from home.  More often than not the guys we take care of are critically ill and are on ventilators, but I hope that these blankets make it through the journey home with them.

The blankets always bring a smile to the ICU staff members' faces, as well as the faces of the wounded soldiers' comrades, who often come to visit their buddies before they air-evac out of theater.  It is nice to see that they are not forgotten, and it is an excellent token of appreciation! Thanks again--your group is truly inspiring!


10th CSH-ICU






Dear Soldiers' Angels,
Thank you for the blanket, my son won't let go of it...

I got shot in the foot and I got your backpack [with a blanket in it]... I do not mind going back to my unit knowing I am fighting for people like you.....    


Dear Angel,
Thank you for the hope you provide.....

My sister was having her garage sale today and one of her son's friends from high school was there. She asked him how he was doing and he told her he was in the Marines.  She told him about Soldiers 'Angels and...her slide presentation showing a transport plane carrying the wounded soldiers out of Iraq.  You are not going to believe it!.........he said "I was on one of those planes."  ...He said he was naked, laying on a gurney and the only thing covering him was ONE OF OUR BLANKETS.  He kept the blanket, found the email address of the angel that sent it to him, to thank her personally. Now he has it on his bed, where he says it will stay.








I wanted to send a thank you for my husband...He received a small throw blanket, which is now very special to him. Apparently the med-flight back to the states was extremely cold. They keep the temperature low on those flights to helps people's vitals and also for the burn victims. He kept warm under the blanket the whole time. You guys are doing a good thing, keep it up! Thanks so much!


Adrienne, wife of Specialist T.C.

If anyone needs a little inspiration.........THIS IS IT

It's just a blanket........but it means so much to a wounded soldier!

Heart for the wounded
Proud BOH Team member

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