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for Adoption

You can never imagine how important it is to know that you have people back home that support [us] and care about what we are doing. - CW2 Eric

Adopting a Soldier

Signing up to adopt a Soldier, Sailor, Airmen or Marine or Coast Guardsman (they deploy, too!) is simple and takes only a few minutes.  It is a commitment to send at least a letter each week and a care package each month throughout the service member's deployment.

If You are Already a Soldiers' Angel:  Just visit, sign in, and click on "Adopt a Soldier."

If You Are Not Yet an Official Member of Soldiers' Angels:

Join Soldiers' Angels (scroll down after clicking the link), selecting the "Verified Angel" option and the option to adopt. 

Once your membership has been approved (automatically through auto-verification, or manually up to a week later), you will receive an email titled "Welcome to Soldiers' Angels" and filled with FAQs and all sorts of good information to help you get started. To see the information on your assigned soldier, just login to and click on "My Adopted Soldier."  If your email account blocks the welcome letter, you can still login to or use the Live Help Online there if you need assistance.

What Next?:  The next step is writing your first letter and preparing your first care package for your soldier. Each Angel who adopts a soldier commits to sending at least one letter a week and at least one care package a month (if you have any questions, you can find out who your mentor is on or email  You may or may not hear back from your soldier, so do not be disappointed if your soldier does not reply. Our troops are very busy (they are in a war zone!) and sometimes they might be a little shy, but you can be sure that your letters and care packages are treasured by your soldier!  Some Angels have experienced writing to a soldier an entire deployment without getting a reply until the soldier returns home and tells the Angel how much the letters and packages meant during deployment.

After you've had a chance to learn a little more about Soldiers' Angels, you might want to join a team. There are over twenty wonderful teams at Soldiers' Angels dedicated to meeting the needs of military personnel and their families far beyond care packages and letters.  You can learn more about joining one of our teams here.

We appreciate your desire to support our troops! Consider adopting a soldier today!

Being away from home, family and friends is really hard.
But when you receive mail and care packages, it truly brightens your day. - SSG Stephens