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      Date: May  6, 2008
     Title: Chaplain Calls on Angels
'Theatre Gateway' Needs Clothing for Service Members on Emergency Leave

What happens when a service member is called from a deployment to return to the United States due to a family or medical emergency? Often that service member does not have time to go back to the base camp to pack for the trip home; they are immediately put on a transport aircraft and sent to the next base in the process of returning to the States.

Over 1,000 military and civilian personnel (both male and female) move through the "Theatre Gateway" at Ali Al Salem Air Base in Kuwait on a daily basis. Approximately thirty of them are going home on some type of emergency leave. Every day 2 to 3 military personnel (minimum) do not have the right clothing for their flight.  More than 90% of those that need new, unused civilian clothing are male.

LTC (CH) James R. Chapin from the Chapel at Ali Al Salem Air Base has requested assistance from Soldiers' Angels in providing new clothing to these service members as they pass through on emergency leave. The Chapel is in need of new pants for men (dress pants or Dockers-type, size ranges are 28-38 waist and 28-32 inseam), and men’s Polo shirts (M/L,/XL/XXL) for personnel on emergency leave who have no civilian clothes with them and need to get on civilian flight to get home. Various women's sizes of new clothing are also needed (sizes 10-16), dress pants and polo shirts.

This need its ongoing and all new clothing purchases are much appreciated.

Please ship directly to:

LSA Post Chapel Ali Al Salem
APO, AE 09815

For further informatoin, please contact Soldiers’ Angels Point of Contact: Anita Dice at