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Lucky Us


Singer-songwriter Helene Cronin has written a beautiful song in support of America’s military men and women, Lucky Me.  It has touched the hearts of thousands and thousands of troops, and now Helene is spreading the joy even further by donating to Soldiers’ Angels.

Lucky Me describes the gratitude of Americans who realize they are fortunate to be safe at home, protected by the men and women who are deployed in war zones and uncomfortable situations far from home.  It is available by digital download on on CDbaby.com and iTunes.com, and 25% of Helene’s proceeds from each digital sale will be donated to Soldiers’ Angels.

The song is a true story based on Helene’s trip back from a seemingly unsuccessful networking visit to Nashville with her songs.  Standing at the counter at the airport, she happened to strike up a conversation with the soldier standing near her.  He mentioned he was headed back to Iraq and asked where she was going.  “I'm going home,” she said, discouragement in her voice.  “Lucky you,” he replied.

His response hit her hard.  “How lucky AM I,” she thought, comparing her destination to his.  “I had just been handed a gift in what he said to me.”  The conversation stayed in her head as a song idea for two years before she sat down to write.  “Then it just poured out,” she says.  This summer, after some rewriting, she recorded a simple guitar/vocal demo of the song in Nashville.

Helene's sister, who is a videographer, created a video version of Lucky Me that is making a big splash on Facebook and YouTube.  The version of the video seen here includes photos from a soldier currently serving in Afghanistan and a former Marine who served in Iraq.  Both men contacted Helene after hearing the song and allowed their photos to be used to make a new video because they appreciated the song so much.  

“It has been an amazing experience to see how this song has connected with people,” says Helene.  "I’ve heard from every military branch and vets from the Korean War, Vietnam, Desert Storm, and their family members about how much this song means to them.  It’s beyond politics.  It has united people around our soldiers and our military, and I feel honored to be a part of that."

Soldiers’ Angels is honored to stand with Helene in her appreciation of those who sacrifice for all of us, and grateful for her generosity.