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Please help!


With the 4th fast approaching and nearly 200 Soldiers' awaiting adoption daily, we need your help in a BIG way! We're in major need of postage money, and we hope that we can count on our beloved Angels to help us out!

There are Soldiers' waiting for packages, and we have packages ready at our warehouses...we just very simply need postage money to send them! So please, please consider making a donation today. Our packages can not do any Soldiers any good just sitting on the shelves...


Items awaiting shipment:

Girl Scout Cookies
Hygiene Items
and the list goes on...

Our Heroes are still out there, and they are not getting as many supplies as they once were. People are coming home, which means that the security teams will be there alone and we need to show them that we have not forgotten! In honor of Independence Day we hope to collect $5,000 to support the shipping of care packages over seas to our brave heroes. In addition, when you donate $5.00 or will be entered to win a pretty sweet tee from us! We're giving away five of these puppies and our winners will be announced Monday morning. (July 8, 2013)

So donate $5.00 (WAY less then you'll spend on fireworks or beer this weekend!) and then share with your friends and encourage them to do the same! Our Heroes deserve it...and it is a small price to pay to remember that we will always be...






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