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Honoring their Service with Ours


     Through the month of November, Soldiers’ Angels is pairing up with Blue Star Families to honor our service members through volunteerism. Several organizations have pledged up to 100,000 volunteer hours to help our Military members. Soldiers’ Angels has pledged a total of 25,000 hours, and we need everyone’s help to accomplish that goal!  “We have so many amazing Volunteers out there, and I know that together, we can do this!” (Lindsay, Events Coordinator)

     Throughout our 10 years as an organization, we have worked with 400,000 volunteers, and there are a variety of ways to get involved. For instance, the letter writing team volunteers take great pride in sending encouraging letters from home once a week to let our soldiers overseas know that they are not forgotten. Or perhaps our Sewing Team, creating blankets for our wounded to surround our wounded warriors with love, strength and hope while they are healing away from home. All of these activities count, and every minute that you spend supporting and loving our Troops will help us to reach our 25,000 hours.

     In order to count your hours, we’ll need a little bit of help from you on reporting them. Here’s how it works; first you’ll need to follow us on Facebook and watch for posts about the Honor Corps/Honor Card program. If you don’t follow FB, you can email Lindsay Varn at lvarn@soldiersangels.org and explain that you’d like to contribute your volunteer hours to the Honor Corps Program. You will receive an email back with an attachment that looks like the card below. Fill it out, and either scan and email it back to Lindsay, OR you can post it back to our Facebook wall. We will keep an album there, displaying all of the wonderful pledges that our amazing team of Volunteers has made. We will then keep track of our hours, and report them back to Blue Star Families to fulfill our goal.

     Again, we have so many Volunteers, and so many ways to participate that surely we can accomplish 25,000 hours by November 1, 2013. So let’s spread our wings, pull out those pens, baking pans, sewing machines and show the world how Angels can “honor their service, with ours.” (Blue Star Families)