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Flying with the Angels


The American Airlines Southern Reservations Office Tariff Department in Ft. Worth, TX has been flying high with quite a record of support for the troops...

In 2012 they held three silent auctions, raising a total of $2557.00. The funds were used to purchase sets of toothpaste and toothbrushes to be included in gift bags for hospitalized veterans in the Dallas and Bonham, TX Veterans Affairs (VA) hospitals, resulting in a total of 810 sets and a check for $1000 presented to Soldiers' Angels for use in veteran support.

Due to the enthusiastic support of employees in the Tariff Department over the past five years, AA Reservations has donated a total of $3580.00, along with 2993 tubes of toothpaste, 2924 toothbrushes and 935 manicure kits, to brighten the holidays for hospitalized Veterans in North Texas.

As VA Support Team Leader Martha Neyman says, "This group has certainly stepped up in partnership with Soldiers' Angels for our Veterans."