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Adopt a Veteran Hero


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Adopting Angels do an amazing job using their encouragement and support to help bring home healthy Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines.  But what happens to those adopted heroes when they get home? 

For some veterans returning home after deployment, there is no family support to assist them as they transition to civilian life.  Who is standing by to offer them the kind of moral support they experienced while overseas as they face the battle to build a new life?

You can be that moral support for these returning heroes through the new Soldiers' Angels Adopt a Veteran team!

The Adopt a Veteran Team provides returning veterans with extended support by sending a card or letter a week and a small gift/package* a month.  Each adoption pairs up a veteran and an Adopting Angel for a full 12 months of letters and small gifts.  At the end of the 12 months, Soldiers' Angels re-evaluates the status/need of the veteran.  If  necessary, the Adopting Angel will be given the chance to continue supporting the veteran, or the adoption can be assigned to another angel.

As wonderful as home can be, it's a huge adjustment for a warrior who had been living in such different and dangerous conditions at war.  Knowing that Americans STILL have their backs can make a big difference to a veteran navigating a home that feels so different after war.

Veteran adopters must be Verified Angels.  If you are interested in adopting a veteran, email adoptavet@soldiersangels.org and to be added to the waiting list.  If you are not yet a Verified Angel, sign up here before emailing.  

*When Sending a Package: Try to tailor it to the veteran's needs as best you can and within your means.  For example, if the veteran mentions that he/she is having difficulty getting to and from VA appointments and has a car, a gas card would be appropriate (this gas card could be used as the package requirement for the month)For letters, you can also include information about resources in the area, books of inspirational quotes and encouragement, etc.