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Candygrams and Hugs


On Valentine's Day, Soldiers' Angels staff and volunteers worked together to stuff and deliver 320 candygrams to wounded warriors at Brooke Army Medical Center.  The Valentine-themed candygrams were sponsored by individual Angels through the Angel Store during the first half of February.  Each candygram included sweets and a  personal note form an Angel donor.

All 320 candygrams were individually delivered by Soldiers' Angels staff members Lindsay and Eric during their tour of the Warrior Transition Unit at BAMC.  They visited the Warrior Family Support Center, a kind of community center for families accompanying their recovering warriors, and the brand new 350-bed Liberty Field barracks for wounded warriors.

Visiting the wounded warriors in these settings to deliver the candygrams allowed Eric and Lindsay to spent time talking and interacting with hundreds of heroes.  They encountered lots of smiles and gratitude, and even hugs!  "They talked about how sweet we were," Lindsay reports.  After handing a candygram to one soldier and then turning away to speak to another, Linsday felt a tap on her shoulder.  She turned around to find a soldier standing there with two boxes of See's Candy.  "I'd love to be your Valentine!  Will you be mine?"  he said.  "We were greeted with lots of hugs and smiles," she recalls.

Lindsay and Eric also crossed paths with a wounded warrior who had received a guitar from Soldiers' Angels and participates in Operation Harmony.  He enthusiastically expressed his appreciation for the guitar and updated them on his experience with Operation Harmony classes.  He said that he was greatly enjoying his guitar lessons and that they were making a real difference for him, both physically and mentally.

One thing that stuck out for Lindsay was the large number and variety of injuries the wounded warriors were dealing with.  " It was amazing to see how wide the range is and the bond they have with each other," she said.  "I was amazed at the sheer volume of recovering wounded warriors who are living there on base."

Thanks to the heart-felt generosity of Soldiers' Angels donors, 320 of those wounded warriors received a Valentine from the American people.  Way to go, Angels!