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New Ways to Pack it for the Troops


The Angels' Store has four new pre-made care packages that make it easier to support the troops, even if you're short on time!  All store care packages are expertly-packed with love, perfect for cheering up deployed troops, or bringing a smile to their families here at home.

Each of these care packages can be sent to "Any Soldier" or to a hero of your choice.  Just click on "Add special instructions" to include a personal note.

Operation Angel Hugs Pack - full of Valentine's-themed items, this care packages send the message loud and clear:  I care!

St. Patrick's Day Pack - stocked with this much green, there's no chance your hero will get pinched on St. Patrick's Day...

Spring Pack - help a deployed hero welcome spring with a fun and useful care package!

Patriot Pack - a playful, red-white-&-blue themed celebration of patriotism and love of country.

Two-day shipping is in included in the cost of each package, and monies raised through the Angels' Store go straight back into supporting the troops through Soldiers' Angels.

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