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Community & CauseKeepers


CauseKeepers of North Carolina proudly works with Soldiers’ Angels by assisting in branding, printing and fulfillment.  Recently they stepped out in a special way to harness their local community's interest in supporting the troops.

Working with Soldiers' Angels has provided Causekeepers with strong ties to nearby Fort Bragg and Camp Lejeune, from which a constant flow of random citizens and those associated with the military have expressed a desire to help Soldiers’ Angels and our men and women serving.  People connected with CauseKeepers began to speak, up, too.

Seeing such a strong level of community interest expressed, CauseKeepers’ Vice-President Sam Hicks planned a day for local veterans and friends to gather at CauseKeepers' facilities and enjoy fellowship as they worked to say thanks to America's heroes.

Through personal invitation and word of mouth, 41 happy volunteers signed in to participate in the Soldiers' Angels Volunteer Day on January 22.  A large contingent of retired military showed up, as did a group from local church group who had gathered donations last month, grandparents and parents of active soldiers, and CauseKeepers’ staff.

The CauseKeepers staff provided a midday break with thick burgers, beans, salads and fixings.  Retired Captain Larry Ledford manned the grill, assisted by Retired Captain Jim McKinney, and Bob Uber, a past Senior Combat Advisor.

The volunteers truly enjoyed packaging individual care packages for both the men and women of our armed forces, working hard to stuff packages with coffee, snacks, skin care products for women, reading materials, specialty lotions, games, and special notes of thanks from each of the volunteers.  Every volunteer received a Soldiers’ Angels lapel pin and small goody bag as thanks for all their hard work.

At the end of the day, over 700 full-size care packages were stacked and ready for a trip into the hands of deployed American heroes.  It was a huge Angel success," Sam reports, "a great way to say thanks to these brave soldiers for defending the freedoms of our country.

Thank you to CauseKeepers, for ALL you do!