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Wegmans Has a Way


A very special Wegmans Food Market has a way of going above and beyond in supporting the troops.  CNC Jacqueline reports:

The Wegmans in Leesburg, Virginia is amazing! The managers Andy and Eddie are great.  Over the past year and a half, they have been so wonderful!  We have many Angels in the Northern VA area, and Wegmans has been awesome at providing all of us things to send to our soldiers that we adopt through Soldiers' Angels, as well as the units/companies we adopt as a state through Group Adoptions.  

Every holiday (Halloween, Easter, Valentine's day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc), Wegmans donates all the leftover holiday-themed candy and treats to send overseas to our adopted heroes. We're not talking about just a little bit of candy, we're talking about hundreds and hundreds of pounds of it!

Whatever we cannot ship overseas (due to not having money for postage), we bring to Walter Reed and/or Ft. Belvoir for our wounded warriors and their families on behalf of Soldiers' Angels.  

Recently our community came together when Wegmans donated ALL its left over Christmas candy to us and we were able to ship out over 90 large boxes of candy to our troops.  Everyone chipped in money for shipping and it was amazing.

After the Christmas candy, Wegmans asked us for a list of the kinds of things we send our troops so that they could put stuff aside for us. I gave them the list and they wrote me just this morning, saying they had several boxes of Oreos for us to send our troops.

It's great having the groups adoptions to send all of these goodies to. What an amazing company Wegmans is! Their managers are great and the relationship we have built with them is wonderful--Soldiers' Angels is constantly on their radar screen for donations.

Jacqueline recently followed up with report of another donation from Wegmans, amounting to hundreds of pounds of candy and cookies.  "It's amazing," she says, "They continue to support, and plan on doing it every holiday and whenever they find things in their store to give to us to send overseas."

Kudos to Jacqueline and her fellow Angels for building such a great relationship with a local company to help support the troops.  Relationships like this play a huge role in what Soldiers' Angels accomplishes in support of our heroes!  If you know of a company that would like to support Soldiers' Angels in a big way, email cnccoordinator@soldiersangels.org.