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Coming Home?


The troops are coming home and don't need adopting Angels, right?!  Not quite...

Despite the impression left by politicians and reporters, tens of thousands of troops will remain in Afghanistan throughout 2013 and into 2014.  In addition, support elements for those troops will remain in Kuwait and parts of the Middle East/Central Asia and North Africa. 

These faithful heroes need adopting Angels now more than ever.  Far too many of them are convinced that America has forgotten them, that no one knows or remembers that they are deployed. 

This is when the impact of an adopting Angel is most powerful, and when it is most needed.  Under current conditions, the morale for remaining troops in general can only go down, not up.  However, Angels can change that, one hero at a time.  To a soldier, the world is only as big as the local battlefield and the message he or she gets from home.  If you are that message from home, you are that hero's world... proof that America cares.

On January 10 another American hero was killed in action.  It didn't make even a ripple in the news, but the ripples of that loss will affect not only his family here at home, but his fellow troops who were serving alongside him when it happened.  They need your support and they need to know that America still cares.

Right now almost 200 deployed service members are waiting for their adopting Angels, waiting to hold a care package in their hands that will be physical proof that their service is appreciated and remembered.  As these heroes prepare to come home, we must ensure they arrive healthy and supported, secure that their sacrifices were not unnoticed.  Adopting a soldier is one of the most powerful ways to do that.

Now is not the time to let up; it's the time to STEP up, to make sure not one soldier is left behind, to shower those still deployed with our appreciation and support.

Will you help? 

If you're already a verified Angel, just login to www.approvedangels.com.  If not, start here.

Pictures courtesy dvidshub.net, taken during the last month in Afghanistan; click for details.