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A Valour-IT Christmas


Soldiers' Angels Project Valour-IT has been busy giving early Christmas presents to 13 wounded heroes in the last two weeks.  Check out these amazing people who are benefiting from the generosity of so many who are so grateful for their service...

LCpl Robert V. received a Valour-IT laptop in honor of participants in the Veterans Day race in New York.  Robert served in Afghanistan with 23rd Marines, where his vehicle hit an IED and landed on top of him.  When asked if he'd do anything different, he simply says he wishes he'd enlisted right out of high school so he could've served in the Iraq War, too.  He will use the laptop for college, work and keeping up with his family and friends while he continues to recover.  At the ceremony where he received the laptop, Robert eloquently expressed his gratitude by saying, "Often times, many people don't take the time to stop and give thanks to those who give. JFK said, 'We must find time to stop and thank the people who make a difference in our lives.'  Thank you for the laptop; it means a lot."

Kevin W is no stranger to Soldiers' Angels.  He has been in the Army for three years and was recently wounded in Afghanistan, where he was one of the few survivors of a massive IED blast.  Kevin and his wife have four boys and a little girl, and recently received a financial gift from Navy Federal via Soldiers' Angels.  The additional gift of a laptop was a surprise for Kevin when he stopped by the Soldiers' Angels Support Center in San Antonio afterward to "pay it forward."  He arrived with his own gift of items for others who are Medevac'd back home after being wounded (pillows, hygiene products, etc).  He will soon be transitioning out of the military, so will use the computer as he looks for new employment.

Eleven heroes working on building post-military lives received their laptops at a recent day-long Wounded Warrior Workshop at the San Antonio Military Medical Center.  The workshop helped these heroes from Ft. Hood and Ft. Carson transition to civilian life and included information and resources from business professionals across the country on subjects such as resume writing, interviewing, education benefits, financial assistance and veterans support.  At the end of the day, Soldiers' Angels presented 11 of the participants with Valour-IT laptops to assist with their transition to either school or the job market.

For all these heroes, a Valour-IT laptop will enhance the quality of their lives, whether connecting them with the friends and family who will support their recovery, adding to their study resources in a college setting, or assisting the search for a new job in the civilian world--a Christmas present that is not a hand out, but a definitely a "hand up."

To learn more about Valour-IT or donate to the effort, click here.