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A Christmas Gift for Wounded Warriors


Soldiers' Angels is planning a very special gift for wounded warriors recovering from severe burns at the San Antonio Military Medical Center (SAMMC), and your help is needed! 

It's full speed ahead on our pledge to furnish 16 rooms at the SAMMC Burn Center with a specially-equipped TV to provide smiles that will help patients cope with their arduous and often-painful recovery.

As fellow wounded warrior SFC Amadore P said when he heard about the plans for the burn center patients, "I can't imagine what I would've done without a TV in my room, just me and my thoughts…yeah, that would've been really tough." A TV can be an enormous help to a severely-burned hero who will likely face months of very difficult in-hospital treatment.

To make it a true Christmas present, the goal is to have the TVs installed by Christmas Day, but donations are still needed to complete the purchase.  The TVs Soldiers' Angels will be providing must meet stringent standards in order meet the sterilization requirements of a burn ICU and interface with bedside controls, so the cost will be significantly higher than standard TVs.  Soldiers' Angels has arranged a discount with the provider, but it will cost over $10,000 to purchase all 16 TVs.

To support this effort to provide the relief to our service men and women facing a difficult recovery at the SAMMC Burn ICU, please click below.