Musical Angels


Operation Harmony was a big part of the Veterans Day celebrations at the Soldiers' Angels Support Center last weekend. 

Aspen, the daughter of a wounded warrior recovering in San Antonio, received a brand new guitar of her own.  She has been taking lessons through the Operation Harmony guitar instructor, Christian Lee.

Lee was obviously touched and thrilled not only to receive a high-quality guitar of his own, but to see his student receive what she needed, as well.  "This is what my cause is all about," he wrote on Facebook. This guitar was donated by The Wellness Institute, Yamaha and of course Soldiers' Angels Operation Harmony. Thank you to everyone who made this happen. I have some fantastic pupils."

Megan Hughes wrote on Facebook, "We had a lovely luncheon with Soldier's Angels today.  Aspen and her instructor were presented new full-size guitars....Grateful for so many supportive folks who work together to help our family heal."

Equipment is now standing by for a full band to begin playing together at the Soldiers' Angels Support Center in the next month as part of Operation Harmony.