Happy Birthday, USMC


LtCol. John J. Wiener, commanding officer, Combat Logistics Battalion 15, 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit, slices a piece of cake during an early Marine Corps Birthday celebration on the flight deck of the USS Rushmore, Nov. 7.  Photo by Timothy Childers.

Happy 237th birthday, United States Marine Corps!

According to legend, the Marines were "born" in a tavern, but the official actions began with a resolution of the Second Continental Congress on November 10, 1775, calling on Captain Samuel Nicholas  to form two battalions of Marines as a “naval infantry” in Philadelphia.  In 1783 the Continental Marines were disbanded, but not for long.  In 1798 the Marines were resurrected as the United States Marine Corps (USMC).  Today the USMC traces its heritage to the Continental Marines and celebrates its birthday as November 10, 1775.

Soldiers' Angels humbly salutes the U.S. Marine Corps and the wonderful men and women of all ages who comprise it, who carry our flag with honor and bravery.  Today as always, you are in our thoughts and grateful prayers as we stand under your blanket of protection.  Happy Birthday!  To Corps  and the Marines around the world who are known as Devil Dogs in honor of the fierce fight they gave the Germans in WWII, thank you and Happy 237th Birthday!  Semper Fi and Ooorah!!!!