It's Back! Reward Volunteers


It's Back!  Volunteer with Soldiers' Angels and you can win prizes for yourself or SA at the same time! 

This second round of Reward Volunteers runs through January 21, 2013.  It's a free, easy way to track the time you already spend volunteering with Soldiers' Angels — and to earn rewards for your contributions! 

Reward Volunteers competitions are also run on a monthly basis.  Soldiers' Angels volunteers powered SA to a winning month in September, which means $1000 to help support the troops!

To add your volunteer hours to the competition, use the iPhone app or web widget below.  You can also get your friends involved by sharing on Facebook or via email. The more hours you log at the organizations of your choice, the more Reach points you'll earn — opportunities for you and the organizations you serve to win cash and prizes like tasty Cabot cheese and exciting vacation packages!

You must have a Facebook account to use the web widget.  Just follow these steps:

1.  Login, if needed (you must have a Facebook account)
2.  Inter "Soldiers' Angels" in the search box and select the Soldiers' Angels page listed that says "San Antonio"
3.  Log your hours
4.  Start rewarding yourself and SA!

You can also earn Reach points by sharing your activity on Facebook or via email. The more "likes" and comments your posts receive, and the more emails from you that your friends open, the more chances you'll have to win. With Reward Volunteers, you can support volunteer efforts, inspire friends to get involved, and bring well-earned recognition to hard working volunteers throughout the US.