Semper Fi Sisters & Angel Wings


For the last two years, Soldiers' Angels has been helping Semper Fi Sisters (SFS) direct the care packages from their annual packing event.  So, when SFS set a goal of sending over 1,000 packages this year, they knew where to go  for help...

SFS is a collection of military wives and mothers (both past and present) who have banded together for mutual support during these difficult times.  It began in Florida but has now spread across the country.  Each year they get together in Florida for a four-night event of fun, sharing, encouragement, education and networking.  This annual event, "Beach Blast" culminates with a huge packing party on the final day.

The first year of the packing party resulted in 12 women packing 36 boxes, but things have grown exponentially right along with SFS itself.  The 2nd year involved 24 women who packed 300 boxes, and last year's effort included 52 women and over 700 boxes.  This year, at least 75 women from twenty-four different states representing all five military branches are expected, with an additional dozen driving in for the packing party from up to three hours away. 

Groups and individuals from across the country have been sending care package items in such volumes that SFS is aiming to pack and send 1,000 care packages this year!  One focus will be on female military personnel, and a number of manufacturers from the sportswear and swimwear industry have also pitched in to provide gifts that help those deployed females feel a bit more feminine amid the dirt, dust and uniforms.

Soldiers' Angels has provided 1,000 names and addresses of deployed personnel who will receive the care packages, and SFS has a special project thanks to a school classroom in Nebraska that contributed seven boxes of care package items.  Several finished packages will be sent through an Airman at Bagram in Afghanistan, who will ensure that handful of the care packages will be tracked from their landing point, through the military mail system in Afghanistan, and into the hands of their final recipients.  The goal is to engage the students by "telling the story of a box," so that they can see how far it travels and all the people involved in facilitating its delivery.

With Beach Blast and the packing party held in a the tiny coastal town of Port St. Joe in Florida, SFS works closely with their local post office to handle the expected flood of care packages.  Three of the postal workers are veterans themselves (Iraq, Vietnam and the Gulf War), and they thoroughly enjoy seeing all the care packages come through. "They love it because they remember getting boxes," says Brenda Garth, President and Co-Founder of SFS.

This year's packing party will be held on Saturday, October 20.  For more information about SFS, the get-together or the packing party, email SFS at or visit visit their website.

Congratulations to Semper Fi Sisters for creating a wonderful resource for military families!  Soldiers' Angels is proud to stand with you!