Care Packages Still Matter


As we gear up to raise the money needed to send Holiday Care Packages for this winter, it's important to realize how valuable these packages are to those still deployed.  Here's a recent note from a Marine in Afghanistan...

Thank you so much for the care package.  It came as a sight for sore eyes.  After so much time in the field, it was definitely overwhelming to come back to some delicious snacks and some much-needed supplies. 

For the guys out here, getting a package...reminds us of what we are doing out here.  With the massive retrograde [drawdown] we are conducting, a lot of extra comfort items will be disappearing.

We have done a lot of good out here over the last couple of weeks.  Killed a few baddies, but more importantly we were able to aid the local populace by providing the medical aid and helping kick-start their economy.  It feels rewarding to come back after an operation like that to a care package such as the one you sent.

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