Coming Soon!


The annual Project Valour-IT Fundraiser is pushing to an end, but Soldiers' Angels isn't letting up on its powerful support for wounded warriors and their families. Here's a sneak peak at two exciting projects slated for this fall:

Disney Adventure: 

Five carefully-selected military/veteran families who have sacrificed greatly will be receiving the opportunity to experience a full Disney World resort vacation, complete with airfare, hotel and spending money.  Each family will be profiled in the future, so keep your eyes open for the full story.  These families have sacrificed so much to keep America safe and free.  They have struggled with the emotional and physical results of that sacrifice, and lightening their load for a few days is the least America can do to say thanks!  These special trips will be awarded during Veterans Day.

CrossFit for the Wounded:

Closer to the Soldiers' Angels home in San Antonio, SA is teaming up with a CrossFit trainer to help severely-wounded veterans in their physical recovery.  CrossFit is a fitness regimen emphasizing strength and endurance for functional fitness that is very popular with military personnel and law enforcement.  Next door to the Soldiers' Angels support center is a CrossFit gym that specializes in adapting this regimen for severely-wounded veterans.  Soldiers' Angels will be leading a fundraiser to offer gym membership to 12 wounded warriors who can benefit from this intense fitness work. 

Keep an eye out for both of these exciting new projects this fall as Soldiers' Angels continues to work to ensure that those who have sacrificed so much for us all receive the reintegration and recovery support they deserve!