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Zombies & Angels in Afghanistan


Afghanistan is a serious and dangerous place right now, but a group of deployed medical personnel (who deal with the horror of war on a daily basis) put their typically dark humor to the task of boosting morale.  And even more surprisingly, they did it to support Soldiers' Angels!

These enterprising Soldiers staged "Zombocalypse 20120" and brought in $375 in participation fees!  The unit wrote to Soldiers' Angels...

Thank you for everything that you do for the Troops! This is just a small token of our appreciation ($375).  In Shindand, Afganistan a few Soldier's organized a zombie-themed Fun Run called Zompocalype 2012 to raise morale for the deployed Soldiers and raise support for such an awesome team--Soldiers' Angels. I just can't thank you enough.

--Soldiers of the 10th CSH and 684th ASMC Shindand Role II Medical Facility

Thank you so much to 10th Combat Support Hospital and 684th Area Support Medical Company for turning the tables and supporting Soldiers' Angels.  You can be assured we'll be turning it right back into more support for the troops! 

For more pics of these great Soldiers and their fun run, click here.