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Angelic Beauty for the Troops


Sixteen-year-old Sabrina Singh of Nevada is a beauty, both inside and out.  As Miss Clark County Teen 2011 (part of the Miss American system), she chose Soldiers' Angels as her pageant platform and has spent the last 12 months actively supporting the troops while carrying the Soldiers' Angels banner in every media arena available to her.

In the last year, Sabrina appeared in the Henderson, NV Veterans Day Parade and also conducted several item drives.  For the parade, she collected military pins, attached them to Soldiers' Angels business cards and passed them out to parade watchers to tell them about SA.  She also participated in Day of the Deployed, personally adopted several troops and used her communication skills and enthusiasm to get many other friends involved in adoption as well.

Sabrina's two biggest item drives were for lip balm for deployed troops.  Her original goal for both drives was 100 tubes of lip balm.  Instead, she gathered 1,000!  The first drive was in conjunction with an elementary school where she arranged for a day to pick up the balm from the students.  She also spent time with a 5th grade class discussing the importance of supporting the troops and the students wrote postcards with pictures for the troops.  In the second drive, she solicited donations outside a local Kids wrote postcards with pictures for the troops.  2nd one at a grocery store - outside of the store and even received publicity on local TV news.

With a grandfather who served in the Air Force, Sabrina has spent her life in troop support, so she thought supporting the troops would be an appropriate pageant platform for her.  She says she choose Soldiers' Angels specifically because of the way it provides service not just to deployed troops and veterans, etc, but to movies and wounded as well.  "When I saw all that you do and that this was a nonprofit organization, I knew that I wanted to get involved," she recalls.

As of this month, Sabrina is no longer Miss Clark County Teen, but she is unwavering in her commitment to supporting the troops and wants to extend her impact.  "Just because I don't have a crown, doesn't mean that I no longer want to make a difference, not only for Soldiers' Angels, but for our troops and our country," she says.  "I'm a big believer in making every moment count because I know how everything can change in a single second.  This is why I want to get involved now, make a significant difference as soon as possible, and be able to live the rest of my life knowing that I left some sort of a mark in the world. 

Going forward, Sabrina is interested in becoming the Soldiers' Angels representative for the new Las Vegas veterans hospital, and will be using her extensive media contacts to tell people about the needs of Project Valour-IT.

Congratulations to Sabrina for a reign filled with compassion, volunteerism and patriotism.  We are proud to stand with you!