Sempra Power at Work for Troops


Sempra Facilities Managers Leo and Glenn deliver a small portion of the many pallets of donations coming to Soldiers' Angels from the company.

Once again, employees of Sempra Energy of California are going full-bore in support of the troops.

It started in 2008, when Brad Morrison was on the employee charitable giving committee for the company's headquarters in Anaheim, CA.  He saw Soldiers' Angels on a list of charities, started looking into it further, and decided it was a good fit for the company.  He secured a $1000 grant from committee funds and did a donation drive for care packages.

The donation drive in 2008 was such a success that Brad started getting emails from other locations who wanted to be involved.  Eventually, he created a Start Kit to help the many other Sempra locations do their own drives.  "It really blossomed to this point where our entire company is involved and starting to donate,"Brad says.  Soon Sempra support for Soldiers' Angels was region-wide (from San Diego to Los Angeles County), thanks to the sponsorship of Company VP Brett Lane.

Last week, the first of a number shipments and drop-offs from this year's item drives began to arrive at the doorstep of Soldiers' Angels in Pasadena.  Much more is expected, with each Sempra Energy region doing its own drive with about 20 employees.  Since the drive is still in progress, the exact amount is unknown, but last year brought over 3,000 tons of item donations and nearly $20,000 in financial donations. 

Huge thanks to Sempra Energy!  Soldiers' Angels has wings aflutter to see the results of Sempra's most recent efforts in support of the troops!  For more information about the drive, click the image below...