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Angelic Ammo


Gun owners, did you know you can buy Ammo and support Soldiers' Angels at the same time?, offers a variety of handgun, rifle & shotgun ammunition, and donates 1% of every sale to each customer’s chosen pro-military or 2nd Amendment organization. Since encountering Soldiers’ Angels at the 2011 Milblogging Conference in May, they have included Soldiers’ Angels as one of their customers’ options, resulting in donations totally nearly $500 so far.

“We believe it's the right thing to do—supporting those who support & protect our freedoms—and our customers seem to really appreciate it too,” says Sam Jacobs, a representative of “Given that a lot of military folks are also gun owners (and vice versa), supporting Soldiers’ Angels by purchasing ammo from us is a win-win.”

This donation costs nothing additional for the customer, who simply chooses after the purchase which organization will support on the customer’s behalf. For more information or to purchase, visit