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Reporting from the Tropics


Utlimate Paintball War's 2nd event, Tropic Thunder, was a smashing success, setting the team up for a great follow-up event on August 4, 2012. 

On a hot and windy Saturday (July 21), paintball enthusiasts gathered from throughout Southern California to join a 100-person paintball war hosted by Ultimate Paintball Wars.  Angel volunteers were also on hand to help out with an effort that will soon be bringing in support for Project Valour-IT (this event broke even for the first time, but things are now on a solid trajectory to raise donations for the Project with the next event).  Click here to see what you missed!

"The volunteers were awesome," said Drew Quevedo, Event Director for Ultimate Paintball Wars (UPW).  They helped with admissions, setup/prep and general assistance.   Dressed in Soldiers' Angels t-shirts they also served as a reminder of UPW's ultimate objective--fundraising and awareness-raising for Soldiers' Angels and Project Valour-IT.

In addition to a number of different fighting areas, sponsor Rap4 set up a mag-fed-only arena where the objective was to disarm a briefcase bomb, which was a big hit.  "They begged to have it at the next event," says Drew.  "Overall, everybody had a blast.  Everyone walked away with three to four prizes and sponsor gifts in their hands, happy and ready to come back for the next event."

The next Ultimate Paintball War will be held in the same place as Tropic Thunder on August 4, with more fun and excitement in new arenas at the location.  As part of a cross-promotion with the National Paintball Players League, half the day will be spent on the tournament fields in a Promotional Speed Ball Tournament with pros from the NPPL making guest appearances and playing side-by-side with event participants.  Rap4 will also return with another mag-fed event.

Active duty military personnel and veterans can receive free tickets to the August 4 event by emailing  For full details, visit Ultimate Paintball Wars.  See see more on Tropic Thunder, visit the Soldiers' Angels Pasadena Facebook page.