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Laptops & Paintballs


Normally laptops and paintball shouldn't mix, but Drew Quevedo of Ultimate Paintball Wars (UPW) has a big vision, and that vision includes Soldiers' Angels Project Valour-IT.

On Friday, July 21, a couple hundred paintball enthusiasts will descend on the Camp Pendleton Paintball Park for one big "war" dubbed "Tropical Thunder."  The event will include a massive 8-hour paintball game, along with special arenas for close-quarters play and a kids zone.  Camping is available for the entire weekend, and a DJ will be spinning for entertainment.

The biggest idea is what Drew hopes his paintball wars will become.  His plan is to eventually get up to 1,000 participants at once in Big Game Paintball or Scenario Paintball events big enough to help fund Project Valour-IT. 

For Tropical Thunder, Soldiers' Angels Volunteers will be on-hand to help with logistics and tell participants about the importance of supporting the troops.  Laptops for local severely-wounded veterans will be handed out by Soldiers' Angels this time around, but Drew expects that soon his events will be large enough to fund the laptops directly.  With participation doubling to 200 for only the second mega-war UPW has put it (the first was two months ago), it looks like they're well on his way to meeting their goal of being fundraising-capable by early next year.

Drew discovered Soldiers' Angels through a news report and says he was, "dumbfounded by how large you are and how great your operation is."  He immediately wanted to help spread the word and decided that his humongous paintball wars would be a great vehicle, focusing Valour-IT.

While they build their fundraising and event capabilities, UPW is offering free entrance tickets and rental equipment to local Angel volunteers to allow them to experience the fun that soon will be funding Valour-IT. In, addition the sponsors of Tropical Thunder are donating all the necessary gear for a number of wounded warriors from 2nd Battalion, 4th Marines to participate in the game:  RAP4, Full Clip USA, R7USA, DXS Paintballs, VForce and Camp Pendleton Paintball Park are all offering their products and services to the heroes for free.

Since its conception in the '70s, paintball has become one of America's fastest growing alternative sports with an estimated two thousand fields across the country and close to nine million players. By replacing bullets with marble-sized rubber balls of paint, the game simulates a day of hunting that requires not only good aim, but also careful planning and coordination, and is available to both adults and children side-by-side.

For more information about Tropical Thunder, including registration, click here.