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Toby, Travis, Granger & Charlie


On June 30, Soldiers' Angels Executive Producer Toby Nunn had the opportunity to share the "May No Soldier Go Unloved" mission with thousands of enthusiastic country music fans at Grande Communications Stadium in Midland, Texas. 

Event Coordinator Denise Barnett, the Development Director for Midlands Community Theater (MCT), is a strong supporter of the troops, driven by her own experience.  A former military spouse and mother to two current West Point cadets, she wanted to support a good military cause as part of her MCT Spotlight Presents concert.  So, she invited Soldiers' Angels to attend and speak from the stage in hopes the concert would serve as a platform to develop awareness and future donors.

Toby took the stage between performances by Charlie Daniels and Travis Tritt to tell fans about Soldiers' Angels and the importance of continuing to support the troops.  "It was great to be able to address such a large and patriotic crowd," he recalls.  "It's pretty easy to follow great stars like Granger Smith and Charlie Daniels, who both sang songs about service and needing more community support for our troops.  I'm very thankful to Granger Smith and Charlie Daniels for using their star to benefit deserving people, our nation's heroes!"

Time will reveal the full effect of Toby's visit, but you can't go wrong in a setting like that!  Huge thanks go out to Denise for giving Soldiers' Angels the opportunity to "carry the flag" in front of such a receptive audience!