Creative Fundraising with Warrior Expo


In these tough economic times, even Soldiers' Angels is finding creative ways to meet budget needs, including what could be amusingly called, "Hire an Angel."

ADS, a provider of tactical gear, Special Operational Equipment and Logistics Support solutions to DOD and federal agencies, recently contacted Soldiers' Angels and asked if staff and volunteers would be interested in providing staffing support for their upcoming convention (Warrior Expo South).  In exchange for the Angels' time, ADS offered a $1500 donation.

Soldiers' Angels provided ADS with ten volunteers to help with Warrior Expo check-in, registration, directions and general visitor assistance throughout the two-day Expo last week.  Each volunteer wore a Soldiers' Angels t-shirt and they found many opportunities to answer questions the t-shirts inspired, and to tell people about Soldiers' Angels.  "People were asking us who we were and who we were with," Soldiers' Angels Program Manager Lance Dowd reports. e

Warrior Expo is a convention of military-related vendors open to the public.  Over 200 vendors and thousands of visitors were on hand at the San Antonio event to see the latest in military and homeland security related supplies, equipment and ideas.

Thanks to ADS for providing a fantastic, military-friendly platform for Soldiers' Angels!