Help Homeless Veterans!


As America's population of veterans continues to grow, volunteers are desperately needed to help ensure they have access to the support they need.  This is particularly the case with Stand Downs.  As a member of the VA Volunteer Services board, Soldiers' Angels plays a vital role in Stand Downs, and your help is needed!

To a soldier on active duty, "Stand Down" means suspension or relaxation from an alert state or a state of readiness.  For homeless veterans, a Stand Down is a little different--a chance to let down their guard, get some help, and learn about the opportunities available to veterans.

Each year, the Department of Veterans Affairs works hand in hand with nonprofits and other non-governmental agencies to conduct hundreds of Stand Downs across the country.  At these special 3-day events, homeless veterans receive basic medical care/advice, food and clothing benefits counseling, and referrals to a variety of services such as housing, employment and substance abuse treatment.  

For the past five years, Soldiers’ Angels has taken part in Stand Downs in many cities.  In the beginning, we were able to offer backpacks (our Vet Packs to veterans attending the events.  As the economy got tighter, we had to back down and offer a back pack with only one item.  With donations falling this year, without your assistance we can't provide even the backpack for these events.

Volunteers to help with Stand Downs are also in constant demand.  From time spent preparing or implementing the role of Soldiers' Angels in these Stand Downs, to donations of hygiene items and backpacks for the homeless veterans they serve, you are needed!  To see how you can get involved with one of the hundreds of Stand Downs near you, contact your nearest VA Volunteer Services Office.  For questions, email

Our veterans have given so much for us, can’t we find it in our hearts to give back?