Military Children, Angels & Operation Homefront


In honor of Month of the Military Child, Soldiers' Angels and Operation Homefront have once again teamed up to help military kids. 

On April 5, Op Homefront honored five outstanding military kids at its Military Child of the Year gala, one from each service branch.  “Children in military families demonstrate leadership within their families and within their communities, ” said Jim Knotts, President & CEO of Operation Homefront.  “This is what the Military Child of the Year® Award honors.”

As part of their Military Child of the Year awards, each child received a laptop computer to assist in their schooling, courtesy of Soldiers' Angels.  This was the second year Soldiers' Angels has joined Operation Homefront in honoring military children.  The laptops were distributed by senior leaders from each service, and in attendance at the awards ceremony was the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs (Gen. Martin Dempsey) and Medal of Honor recipient Sammy Lee Davis.

The winners ranged in age from nine to 17 and were honored from their volunteerism and the challenges they had overcome due to being part of a military family.  A number of them also dealt with serious illness in either themselves or their serving parent while maintaining their high academic standards and volunteer activities .

Soldiers' Angels salutes all the nominated military children who not only survive, but thrive in the face of the unique challenges military life brings!