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Blankets of Gratitude

Making sure America's Veterans know we still love and appreciate them!

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This winter, thousands of veterans will spend time in a VA hospital or facility, away from the warmth of home, family and friends.

We want them to know that they are remembered, that we are thinking of them, and that we are grateful for their past service. Since we can't visit them all in person, our goal is to wrap 25,000 of these Veterans in lap robes, representative of our support and appreciation, called "Blankets of Gratitude." The lap robes will be a physical reminder that they are not alone. When a veteran receives a Blanket of Gratitude, he or she will know that somebody remembered them, that somebody labored over a handmade robe with thoughts of them and hopes or prayers for their health and comfort.

How You Can Help

Do you crochet? Do you knit? Do you loom? If so… 

Please join us in wrapping our beloved Veterans in love and gratitude!  [If you have trouble with any of the links below, download the latest version of Adobe Reader for free and try again.]

  • To join Soldiers' Angels and participate in the Sewing team click here to get started.  After you become an Angel, log in to to join the team!

Note:  You might wonder why crocheted, knit and loomed blankets are sent to our veterans, while quilts and other handmade blankets are sent to our deployed troops. Medical personnel ministering to the deployed have explained that the open texture of crocheted/knit/loomed blankets catches on and interferes with the medical equipment being used to treat the wounded.

Blankets of Gratitude in the news!

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