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Angel Baker Team

"Thanks so much for the wonderful cookies. Nothing like a little home baked goodness to make the day a little brighter. Me and my fellow Soldiers truly appreciate your time and effort in sending us this little slice of love." -- Lieutenant Colonel "Oz"


Who We Are and What We Do

The Angel Bakers are a group of highly dedicated Soldiers’ Angels who bake homemade treats for our deployed military heroes.

Each month the Angel Bakers send specially-made cookies, brownies, and other treats to service members identified by Soldiers’ Angels as needing extra Angel love. They may have been through an especially difficult experience during their deployment, living in especially trying conditions, or in need of a morale boost for a job well done. Our aim is to show our heroes how much people back home appreciate and care about them.

Who Can Join?

Verified Angels who are 18 years or older may join Angel Bakers. To participate in the Angel Bakers team, sign in to and select "Join a Team."

We are also blessed to have among our Angel Bakers corporate sponsors who send treats to our heroes. The companies below generously donate their products to our selected recipients each month. We welcome additional sponsors--please contact us to sign your company up as a member of the Angel Bakers team.

Angel Bakers on Facebook

The Angel Bakers maintain an active Facebook Page with terrific information, ranging from recipes to packing and shipping tips. Angel Bakers can also post questions and share tips with other Bakers there. 

A Bit More About the Angel Bakers Program

Being an Angel Baker takes commitment and dedication. Each Angel Baker is asked to mail one box (the flat rate boxes are a good size and they hold a lot of baked goods--especially the new larger ones!) each month. Of course, our Angel Bakers are welcome to send more than one, but each Baker must send at least one box per month. Our Angel Bakers must also operate with confidentiality and discretion; all recipient contact information is strictly confidential.

Angel Bakers are asked to identify themselves as Angel Bakers with a note inside each box.  The point of contact (POC) for the recipient units receiving the goodies will be expecting boxes from the Angel Bakers

While our primary focus is on sending our heroes a touch of home with homemade goodies, some of our Angel Bakers also send bakery/store-bought items. Healthy snacks such as trail mix, nuts, and granola are especially appreciated and make excellent "filler" or padding to add to the baked goods box.


Thank you, Soldiers' Angels, for making my birthday special this year while in Iraq. - SGT Torrentes

To all of you from Soldiers' Angels, thank you all for the baked goods and everything else you have sent to me and my platoon...All the support and love didn't go without a lot of appreciation.  It's incredible what you do. - SPC Silva

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! The generosity you’ve all shown to me and my Airman has been nothing short of miraculous. Over the past six months we have been pampered by all of our Angels. The gifts, cards, snacks, cookies...don’t let me get started on the cookies-cakes-brownies-treats!

I have been an Air Force 1st Sergeant for more than five years and have been all over the world. Our American Airmen have been welcomed and appreciated in every corner of this globe, but I cannot remember when the support from home has been as overwhelming as it has been since Soldiers' Angels and Angel Bakers stepped in.  You helped me do my job, taking care of my Airmen, in a way in which I could have NEVER done by myself. I love you for all you’ve done for me and especially all you’ve done, and will continue to do, for my Airmen. - SMSgt Mann

There are quite a few Bakers & other volunteers to thank for all the packages we've received over the past 5 days. We are so thankful for your efforts...and we all know that you love each and every one of us!!!

Mountain Medics,